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This reference describes the use of these manually operated clippers: 9.Can you help to identify this occasion and location please?

The photo seems to be taken from a building looking down on the parade. The photo is 4 in x 2.5 in and doesn't appear to have been a professional shot. Can anyone identify this photograph, which has a postcard printed reverse, probably early 20th century, showing a heavy horse being clipped in a cobbled yard by three men.Photos shown here are believed to be from outside Cambridgeshire. Any help in identifying these will help us to get them to an owner who will appreciate them and ensure their future safekeeping. In the edge of shot is a white cricket screen and in the background is someone is operating a horse drawn mower. It looks like a bull-nosed Morris, part of the number plate is visible which looks like the numbers 501. Around 200 army cadets in uniform are on parade on what could be a large school sports field.Posts without any details will not be allowed to be posted.Dating photographs is one of the things the family history researcher is able to use, but often have a problem when it involves the age of the photograph.

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The paper backing on the photograph can tell the age of some pictures; this includes pictures that have tin that the photograph was placed on.