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I'm running Vista 32bit, currently with the first drivers that came out with the first revision of the board, can get exact numbers if you need them.Also, although I sound it, I'm not a complete amatuer, just can't remember how to do it properly and didn't want to break anything! I am using the 64-bit version of Virtual Box and have virtualization enabled in the BIOS, and VT-x enabled in Virtual Box.Every time I try to use any 64-bit guest, it tells me: "This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU." I have ran VMware's Processor Check for 64-Bit Compatibility, and it reports that I am capable of running 64-bit guests. I am using the 64-bit version of Virtual Box and have virtualization enabled in the BIOS, and VT-x enabled in Virtual Box.Just ensure when doing so you uncheck the boot block option in settings in Flash Menu. If you want to do it under "Dos" and you have no floppy then usb is probably the way to go.After seeing a few more of these pop up over the past few weeks I went and dug up the little BIOS update guide I did a while back and revised it a bit. If the flash utility is not included, refer to the website as to what you need. Others may be included as well if it is done through a batch program). This is not completely necessary but this is a fail-safe guide to flashing. Example: A:\ (note: Some include a batch file called UPDATE. Write it down, then start over by typing in the name of the flash utility again.Before I've always done it from windows, but it's my first time with an abit bios and although there's a utility, I noticed in the sticky it said in big capital letters, DO NOT USE THE WINDOWS UTILITY.

After I tried to update the BIOS version for my Dimension E521 from version 1.1.10 to version 1.1.11 the system will not turn on. Chipstze ermglichen schon offiziell FSB 1600 Support, wobei der P35 noch bei 1333 MHz liegt.Aber dieser Vergleich ist nicht ganz richtig, da auch P35 Platinen weit ber 450 FSB laufen. I tried all the recommendation from Dell support, from changing jumper settings to unplugging components, but to no avail. Iron Fist, I currently have Xeon 3350 (same as Q9450) and with the newest unofficial bios it works perfectly.

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Dieses Board ist dem IP35-Pro sehr hnlich, nur dass es in der Ausstattung etwas abgespeckt ist.

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