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Outlook mailbox size not updating

Since increasing it, outlook has not updated to reflect this.I continue to be informed that I'm over my quota and I cannot send and receive. If you want to immediately reduce the size of the file, you can force a compaction.

My own mailbox on Exchange 2013 hit it's quota and outlook (2013) informed me of this, so I increased my Exchange mailbox quota.

MS-Exchange users, I have a user thats mail box size will not update in the mail store.

There limit was 800mb and i cleaned up her mail box to 300 by deleting emails and archiving emails to the local machine. Or you can try to move the mailbox to another mailbox store, and the real mailbox size will appear. I wanted to find out the cause of this problem but couldn't get an answer.

This topic provides information about why the mailbox size limits do not take effect immediately after a configuration change.

After you configure the mailbox size restriction for a mailbox, that mailbox user can continue to send and receive messages that cause the mailbox to exceed the configured mailbox size.

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If you are using Outlook 2010 or later your quota and current mailbox size is displayed when you go to; File-There is no way to see your mailbox quota directly in Outlook 2007 or previous.