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After 2 months of experiments, fighting in the dark, and with help from black Trinitron, the work is done and I think its time to reveal it. And when a Open source product is better than a paid application, we adore it. Virtualbox 3.1 is an amazing platform for Virtualization, It’s not only free, but also much faster than VMware in Disk I/O, Network I/O, RAM optimization, CPU Usage, Hypervisor level operations. : This is a Retail installation guide, hence little more tricky.If you don’t mind an osx86 distro inside virtualbox and want ease of installation, tryout Install Mac OS X Hackintosh in Virtual Box [Snow Leopard] instead. Remove the Live CD and replace with the i ATKOS DVD. Once the disk is erased and formatted, you can see that the partition is now active (in bold) on the left hand side while rest of the partitions are still greyed out.18. This will bring you back to the installation screen. In the next screen, you need to select the partition for installation. When it prompted you to install Mac OSX, press ENTER.13. After some time, if nothing goes wrong, you should see the Leopard installation screen with a red apple.14. This will format the FAT32 partition to HFS format.Before you begin, make sure you have enough CPU, RAM, Disk resources to share for the virtual machine.Hardware Requirements: Brief: We will be installing Osx86 Leopard then upgrading to Snow Leopard Retail, that is 100% upgradeable to 10.6.2 and Works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.Whatever your reason is, here’s how you can proceed with making bootable USB.Note: This guide can be used for installation of both Native/Hackintosh Retail Snow Leopard OR OSx86 distro like Leopard Kalyway 10.5.6 and Snow OSX v3.x Snow Leopard.

I have been running Mac OS X Leopard on my Shuttle SD30G2 PC for over a month.

It is also known to have a preinstalled complied efi which means that you can install legit Apple Updates without downloading any patches or 3rd party software and also you can stop worrying about reboots hanging on the “Loading Darwin” screen.” – Insanely Mac Forum folder. Change the first boot device to your DVD-ROM Drive.3. Select the partition that is installed with Ubuntu Gutsy. You should now have a ext3 partition that contains your Gutsy and a FAT32 partition. Depending on your hardware, the sound card and airport might/might not work.

It should only show one partition (the one we formatted just now). Sit back as the installation goes on for some 20-30 mins based on your RAM. Once the installation finishes, restart the PC without removing the installer DVD. When the PC restarts, don’t click anything, even when you are prompted to install Mac.

Today, the Shuttle has been updated to Mac OS X 10.5.4 using Mac OS X Software Update.

The update went smoothly and my Shuttle SD30G2 Hackintosh is now purring with Mac OS X 10.5.4.

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In other words no matter what version of Mac OS X you wish to install via USB, this method works. This guide is much more simplified and illustrated making it truly feasable for Disk Utility.

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